Subsonic: Pulse 40 Longboard Deck

Topmount Pumper

Pulse 40:
Known for its flex, the Pulse excels at pumping with consistency. Camber lets the board flex to the desired spring back rate for optimal acceleration out of the pump. Fitted with the well-known concave from the past, the Pulse is a good fit for anyone looking to learn pumping, or seeking the step above.

Flex 2: 7-ply maple construction
Flex 3: 8-ply maple construction
Length: 40" (102cm)
Width: 9 1/2" (24cm)
Concave: 3/8" (.95cm)
Camber: 3/16" (4.8cm)
Wheelbase: 29.75", 30.75", 31.75" (75.6cm, 78cm, 80.6cm)

*Due to handcrafted stain or graphic applications, not all boards will be cosmetically identical*

Wondering about the flex of this deck at your weight? Check out the Flex Graph in our QUICK GUIDE. Then mosey on over to our newly expanded FAQ page to learn more about how to dial in your next perfect ride.