Subsonic: Vega 36 Longboard Deck

New Color and Laser-engraved Graphic!

Vega 36:
The Vega just keeps getting better. The shape has been adjusted for more effective foot space. The newest additions are the directional rocker, more forward set to cradle your foot and provide more leverage from the rear. Along with upgrading to CNC, we have large wheel wells and flush mounts, creating a beautiful standard for all top mounts. The contrasting stain work allows this board to really stand out from the crowd, showing off the handcrafted nature of our work.

9-ply maple construction
Length: 36" (91.5cm)
Width: 9 3/4" (24.8cm)
Concave: 5/8" (1.6cm) Flat Radial (5/8" Radial + 2" flat)
Rocker: 1/2" (1.3cm) forward set
Wheelbase: 25 1/2", 26", 26 1/2", 27” (64.8cm, 66cm, 67.3cm, 68.6cm)
Stain: Sea Blue bottom with brown top, rails, and wheel wells
Graphic: Laser-engraved mandala

*Due to handcrafted stain or graphic applications, not all boards will be cosmetically identical*